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Safety Tips for Road Salt Storage

When the temperature starts to drop, the roads and pathways are filled with ice and snow, making it difficult to travel and walk on the roads. In this instance, deicing products such as road salt are very useful in removing the ice from the streets and make them safer. So why is road salt storage is important?

Why Should Deicing Products Be Stored?

Nowadays, the weather is very unpredictable, and if the temperatures get down suddenly, you might not have deicing agents to use against the accumulating ice. Good quality dry salt does not lose its ice melting capacity when stored properly.

Safety Tips for Road Salt Storage

1. Consideration When Storing Salt

First, the road salt purchased should be dry. Wet salt has a short life span and does not work effectively. If the salt is bought in sacks, then store in a dry place and ensure that sacks are not exposed to rain or snow. Salt absorbs moisture when exposed to rain or snow, and the particles stick together.

You should also take care of the salt storage area. Salt is very corrosive and can corrode certain materials, so it is essential to see that salt does not come in contact with these materials. Ensure that the room is dry and also leave someplace to maneuver for when you can have your salt delivered.

A road salt container is ideal for storing salt in places where there is no need for bulk quantities. Restaurants, shops, and small parking areas with the need for small amounts can have salt stored in salt containers.

2. Using Salt Brine for Deicing

Salt brine is the perfect solution for removing ice from parking areas, roads, and small areas. Be cautious about storing the brine solution and hire a brine solution tank for storing.

Canada Salt for Bulk Road Salt Storage

Are you in need of bulk salt but have no place for storing the salt. Do not worry. Canada Salt stores the salt in a safe place on your behalf. With our GAP program, we guarantee that you will not suffer due to the shortages or price increases that might occur in the market. With our exclusive storage facility, we ensure that your salt is available upon your request at any time. Contact our sales team for further details.

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