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Salt Pellets Vs Salt Crystals

Minerals like calcium, manganese, and iron change the taste of the water you drink or use. The minerals create plumbing problems by building up the scale and reduce the flow of water in the pipes. Hard water also reduces the effectiveness of soaps and detergents, making it hard to clean utensils and clothes. So you need to check if the water is hard or not and use certain chemicals to reduce the hardness. So, Salt pellets vs salt crystals, which one is best to use as Water Softner?

Water with high amounts of dissolved minerals is referred to as hard water. Water softeners like salt are used to remove the dissolved minerals. Salt forms a bond with these minerals and removes them from water. This salt is available either as pellets or crystal form. It is often confusing about choosing between salt pellets vs salt crystals.

Solar Salts or Salt Crystals

Solar salt is formed by evaporation of seawater, which is considered as a natural brine solution. The outdoor ponds are exposed to the sun, leaving behind a layer of natural sea salt crystals. The salt is 99.5% pure, but it is not as clean as salt pellets.

On the other, these crystals can be used for a small household with less water usage. The main problem is that, when this salt is used as softner, a small layer called as bridging is formed on the top, resulting in the supply of water without being softened.

Salt Pellets

Salt pellets are 99.99% pure food-grade salts. The salt is washed and compressed into pillow-shaped pellets, making them the purest form of salt. Even though the salt is pure, it does not meet the food-grade standards, and so it is not used in canning or meatpacking. Using the salt pellets is recommended for water softening as they do not leave any residue in the tank.

The bridging effect is removed by using salt pellets. They are mixed with citric acid to reduce the material build-up in the pipes. Citric acid also helps in protecting your appliances, pipes, and dishes. Citric acid added to pellets ensures long-lasting protection.

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