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Salt Spreader And How Does It Work?

As the winter season is approaching, the roads will be filled with snow and ice, making the movement of vehicles very difficult. At this point, salt spreaders are the powerful tools used for snow or ice removal. Even though these are important tools, they are mostly underrated, overlooked, or misunderstood by people. When these tools are used efficiently, they can save time and money. The question that arises in many minds is a salt spreader, and how does it work?

What Are Salt Spreaders?

A salt spreader is a simple device used to distribute the solid material evenly on any road. A salt spreader attaches to the rear of a vehicle and disperses salt or sand as the vehicle moves along. Typically the operator will use sodium chloride in solid rock salt, and calcium chloride, potassium chloride, and magnesium chloride are other options. Usually, a salt spreader is mounted on a truck, and the operators control the auger and spinner to regulate the amount of salt spread over an area.

Spreaders are used to spread salt or deicing material on the roads during the deicing stage, which occurs after the snow or ice has formed a bond with the surface. Salt is used to break the bond and separate snow or ice from the surface. After the bondage is broken, it is easier to plow away ice from the surfaces.

Types Of Salt Spreaders

For different applications, there are various spreaders available in the market. Here are some of the most used salt spreaders

  • Tailgate Spreaders: Mounted on the rear of a vehicle and have high capacity
  • In-bed Spreaders: Popular V-shaped spreaders used by professionals and ideal for big projects
  • Tow-behind Spreaders: Pulled by tractor and can cover a large area but are less accurate
  • Walk-behind Spreaders: Similar to a wheelbarrow and requires you to push the hopper and handle.

How Does Salt Spreader Work?

The working mechanism of any salt spreader is very simple. The deicing material or salt is added to the hopper from which the salt is dispensed onto a rotating disk through a chute. The salt that comes onto the rotating disk is evenly spread on the surface across a designated range.

Factors To Consider Before Using A Spreader

There are some important factors to consider before going to use a spreader.

1. Weight And Size Of Spreader

If you are using a bed-spreader, you need to mount it on the bed of a truck, while other spreader types are mounted on the rear side. While choosing a spreader, check the capacity of your truck while working in harsh climatic conditions.

2. Capacity Of Spreader

If you are considering covering a large area, then you need to use tailgate or bed spreaders. Walk-behind spreaders are used to cover walkways.

3. Durability And Ease Of Use

Always choose a spreader that is easy to use and also resistant to corrosion. A salt spreader is an investment that must be protected for many years and used effectively to spend less on repairs and parts.

4. Purpose Of Salt Spreader

Choose the right device for the job, and consider whether you need a commercial salt spreader or one for personal use.

Benefits Of Salt Spreaders

Rather than using conventional methods of dispersing rock salt on the roads, salt spreaders have many advantages. Here are some of the main benefits

  • Require less effort while spreading salt
  • You know the correct amount of salt required
  • Salt is Distributed evenly
  • It can be used on a wide range of surfaces

Where To Buy De-icing Salt?

While there are many aspects to keep in mind while using a spreader, using the right de-icer is also important. The amount of material spread on the surfaces depends on the efficiency of the material used for ice removal. Canada Salt Group Ltd is the supplier of the best quality deicing salt all over North America and Ontario. Contact us for more details.

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