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Salt Uses and Applications in Our Everyday Life

Salt is a crucial chemical for many industries, and about 50% of the manufacturing depends on salt. Other commodities like glass, paper, rubber, and textiles, as well as in water softening systems, use salt for domestic and industrial uses. The most important use is that salt is the best deicing agent and an essential ingredient in our food.

Uses of Salt

1. De-icing

Salt is the most used de-icing agent all over America and Canada. The advantages like vast availability, naturally occurring, and easy storage made salt as the most used for removing ice and snow on the roads. Salt lowers the freezing temperature of the ice by creating a brine solution. Salt effectively works when spread over the ice as the freezing temperature is reduced to about -15°.

2. Chemical Applications

Chemical industries use salt as raw material for producing Chlorine, which is the best disinfectant and most vital in the manufacturing of many other daily used products. Salt is used to prepare Caustic soda, which is an essential ingredient in the industrial operation of making paper pulp, detergent, and other chemical processing industries.

Soda ash prepared from Chlorine is used in glassmaking, the chemical helps in reducing the melting point of the glass liquid. Other industries that use salt are

  • Paper Pulp Industry
  • Textile Industry
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Petroleum additives
  • Dyes
  • Pharmaceuticals

3. Treatment of water

Hard water contains invisible dissolved rock, principally calcium and magnesium minerals, because of which people build-up of scale in kettles and on showerheads. The problem is solved by installing a water softener, which removes the hardness of the water. Water passes through millions of negative ions and attracts the hardness causing minerals like magnesium and calcium. For this process, salt is used to regenerate the exchange ions.

4. Salt used in Food

The human body is not capable of generating salt on its own, so we depend on the outer sources to ensure the regular intake of necessary salt. Salt is vital in the manufacturing of many foods and also used as a preservative and taste enhancer.

5. Feed for Animals

Animals require salt to keep them healthy and ensure their growth, strong immune and reproductive systems. Often agricultural animals and commercial livestock do not receive enough salt from foraging and other feeds, and for that reason, it is necessary to supplement their diet with salt.


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