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Salt Water Chlorinated Pool Maintenance

A swimming pool in your backyard is an excellent way to get relief from the searing summer heat. Before using your beautiful pool, it is necessary to know and perform all the maintenance tasks to make your pool a perfect one for family members to enjoy. To know the perfect options for pool maintenance, it is essential to know how your pool works and get ready to resolve all the problems that might occur during usage. Read to know more about salt water chlorinated pool maintenance.

Basic Components Of Pool

There are four major components for any backyard swimming pool, and you need to know more about these to keep the good times rolling.

Essential Salt Water Chlorinated Pool Maintenance

If you want to keep your pool clean and safe for usage, proper maintenance and use of pool salt are also essential. Here are some of the simple steps that should be part of your daily routine so that your pool is crystal clear and help you to get back to relaxing. When it comes to pool care, always keep in mind the three C’s,

Pool Maintenace Techniques

1. Get Rid Of Debris

Dispose of this waste away from the pool so it can’t blow back into the water or be tracked back into the area. If you have trees and bushes nearby that shed pollen, blossoms, and leaves into the pool, consider trimming them back, replacing them with less messy varieties, or using more hardscaping around the pools.

2. Vaccum The Pool

Vacuuming of an average pool takes about 30 minutes and if the pool is too wide, then vacuum half the pool at a time—complete cleaning of the pool by removing and brushing away any algae on the pool sides. For cleaning, it is recommended to use a nylon brush and for concrete surfaces, use a stainless steel brush.

3. Clean The Pump Filter

For cleaning the pump filter, you need to shut down the system and close the skimmer valve. Now unscrew the trap cover to remove the basket and empty the garbage in the filter.

4. Adding Chlorine To Pool

It is recommended to use a chlorinator to add chlorine to the pool’s water. Read the packaging and calculate the number of sticks needed for the pool based on the water volume. Add more in hot weather, when the heater is on, or when the pool is in more frequent use. After adding the required amount of chlorine, it is now time to check the water level in the pool and refill water if necessary.


Following the basic steps in pool maintenance helps keep your pool crystal clear and avoids problematic algae growth. The key in maintenance is using the proper Chlorine for your pool. It is essential to use recommended pool salt for proper chlorine levels in your pool water. Canada Salt is the supplier of pure pool salt all over North America. Contact us for a free estimate.

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