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Softener Salt Vs. Sidewalk Salt What is the Difference


Softener Salt Vs. Sidewalk Salt What Is The Difference?

Every winter here in Ontario, there is heavy snowfall, and it is essential to know how to remove the ice and snow that gets accumulated on the sidewalks. Salt is seen as the main source to solve the problems with ice on your sideways. Not all salts can be used for ice and snow removal, and there is a difference between water softener salt and salt sprinkled for ice removal. Read on to know the differences between softener salt vs. sidewalk salt, and can these salts be used for the same purpose?

What Is Softener Salt?

Water softener salt is high-grade salt and is also known as solar salt. Solar salt is specially made to be used in water softening equipment. The salt is 99% pure and is prevent the contamination of the water used for pools.

What Is Sidewalk Salt?

Sidewalk salt is the raw form of sodium chloride and is usually referred to as rock salt. The rock salt is not pure and contains about 5% other minerals and debris. Salt used for cooking is processed from rock salt after the removal of impurities.

Differences Between Softener Salt Vs. sidewalk salt

1. Purity

When speaking about purity, Softener salt is purer than sidewalk salt. There is a certain refining process conducted to make softener salt purer. Sidewalk salt is not pure and includes many impurities like minerals, clay, and others.

2. Cost Of Salt

The refining process done to purify softener salt makes it more expensive. Sidewalk salt is taken directly from the ground, and no process is conducted to purify the salt. As there are no processes is done to purify the salt and so it not much expensive.

3. Usage Of Salt

A water softener is used for transforming the hard water into usable water. As the water passes through the salt resin bed tank, all the unwanted calcium and magnesium ions are captured to make the water softer. Rock salt is used for ice and snow removal. Rock salt can also be used for softening water but would be less effective. Rock salt would release all the unwanted chemicals into the water and create more problems.

Where To Buy Salt?

It is vital to use the right salt for both water softening and ice removal. The use of the right water softener ensures that your appliances are in perfect condition, and at the same time use of the right rock salt helps in deicing and make your outdoors safe. It is necessary to choose pure salt for your purposes. Canada Salt is the supplier of pure softener salt and rock salt to be used for specific purposes. Contact us for more information.

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