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Tips For Buying Deicing Road Salt

Winter is the time to be cautious about the unexpected snowfall. To your bad luck, there might be heavy snowfall at times. So stocking up deicing salt in advance is a wise option for anyone. There is a wide range of deicing products available in the market. The main question arises, which deicing road salt is to be chosen and what are the things to keep in mind before buying a particular deicing salt.

Some of the Tips

1. Chose the Right Grain Size

The grain size is essential when choosing the deicing salt. Salt is available in fine or coarse grain. The deicing salt with fine grain works faster but loses the efficiency very quickly. The coarse grain salt takes time to take effect but stays active for a longer time. If the preventive measure is your priority, then go for coarse grain. Finer grain salt can also be used, but you need to use the brine solution also.

If both preventive and snow removal is your purpose, then use the right proportion of fine and coarse salt to get the optimal result.

2. Check for the Moisture Content

The good quality salt is always dry with low moisture content. A low moisture content salt is easy to store and also ready to use at any time. Anti-caking agents should be a part of the salt to prevent the caking and crusting. If there is more moisture, then it is tough for the anti-caking agent to avoid clumps in the salt.

3. Composition of Deicing Salt

The purity levels of any salt determine the melting capacity. So while purchasing a deicing agent, you need to measure the NaCl level. If the NaCl is higher, then the salt is pure and is more effective on the ice and gives out less residue.

Depending on the extraction method, the salt is divided into three types.

  • Vacuum Salt
  • Rock Salt
  • Sea Salt

The vacuum salt has the highest content of Sodium Chloride and has the finest grains. The finer grains are particularly susceptible to being carried away by the wind, making it less suitable for preventive gritting purposes. Rock and sea salt has less NaCl but provides better performance in terms of usability and persistence.

Oder Road Salt on Time

Once the winter season kicks off, there would be more demand for salt, and prices would rise. By ordering in advance before the climate changes, you get the benefit of better prices. You can also take rest after the proper storage of the bulk salt that you have ordered. If the winter conditions get to worse, the delivery of salt is also made impossible.

Canada Salt is the provider of deicing salts all over North America. Contact us to enquire about the various deicing salts available, and do not hesitate to get a price quote.

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