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Tips to Choose the Right Salt Storage Site


Tips to Choose the Right Salt Storage Site

The selection of the right site is crucial for providing proper storage for salt. Some important factors are needed to be considered before selecting a place for salt storage.

1. Safety is the First Priority

The safety of workers and the general public is of utmost importance. If there are equipment operators, then the visibility for them should be clear in all directions. Make sure the salt storage site is secure and display signs of trucks leaving or entering the area so that motorists can be careful. Once the truck is loaded, do not directly enter into a heavy traffic route. Make the area safe so that children do not enter the areas. Salt can be dangerous for children. Your security measures must provide safety for the surrounding environment also.

2. Keep the Area Accessible

The storage site should be easily accessible for trucks and other equipment, and it should also be easy to leave in case of an emergency. The storage area should be large enough for loading and unloading. Try to have separate areas for loading and unloading. If salt is stored in a building, then the doors should be large enough for easy access.

3. Legalities of Site

Always ensure that you comply with all the local zoning requirements. Make sure that you are following local, state, and federal regulations relating to environmental discharge concerns.

4. Keep the Place Tidy

Tidiness is essential, especially when the storage place is between residential areas. The site should be well kept with no junk or scrap material piled around. Scrap materials give an impression of sloppiness and allow foreign objects to get mixed up. Spilled up salt while loading or unloading should be cleaned immediately and kept back to the storage.

5. Keep it Economical

The operational cost will increase if the trucks have to travel a long way for the loading and unloading process. A permanent covered storage area is an excellent method to reduce the operational costs and also helps in spreading up the operations fastly.

6. Drainage Facility

The drainage facility must be provided away from the stockpile, and pads should have a slope of 1/4 inch per foot away from the center. The adjacent work areas must be capable of supporting the equipment and stockpile. Take precautions to ensure that the storage area does not drain into freshwater. The brine collected can be reapplied to spreader loads before street application. Contact the local authorities before disposing of the brine solution.


The proper storage of salt is of utmost importance. Protecting the surrounding environment and ease of handling are necessary and can be ensured by proper storage of salt under the roof or by covering outside. The street and highway authorities should provide continuous efforts to provide appropriate salt storage. Proper storage helps in meeting the average winter needs and ensures that salt is readily available for snow and ice removal. Canada Salt Group Ltd offers quality bulk salt and bagged salt products with reliable storage facilities. Contact or call us at 866-321-7258 for more details or to request a free quote.

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