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Top 10 Best Pool Water Features in Canada

The Covid-19 and variants of the global pandemic have forced most of Canada’s homes to update their outdoor spaces. This made most pool owners revamp their swimming pools. Nowadays, there are a wide variety of technologies available for pool renovation. Let’s look into the most common pool water features for adding beauty, dimension, and peace to your backyard space.

Pool Lighting

At present, every pool owner in Canada is looking to install lights in their swimming pools. Pool lighting is an easy way to transform your pool into a lighting feature. Pool lighting enables you to navigate the pool easily at night. There are a wide variety of pool lights available. Some include fiberoptic and LED lights. These have their advantages and disadvantages. LED pool lighting is the best option which is durable and efficient. Multi-colored led pool lights enable your yard to convert into a high-end holiday resort.

Fire Features

Fire features are most popular among pool owners in Canada. The best ones are Firepits and Fire bowls. These pool features align your pool patio’s edge and will create a warm glow in your pool. They will create a chill spot and make your pool are appealing.


Spas improve the beauty of the pool and health. Now, every homeowner needs to include a spa in their pool. Spas cost thousands of dollars. They radiate soothing sounds that are relaxable to the mind. Health experts reports are ideal for hypertension and muscle pain.

Natural Rock Fixtures

Natural rocks are the most popular among pool owners in Canada and are more attractive. Rock features create a luxurious centerpiece in the backyard. Some Rock fixtures around the pool bring a naturalistic view that allows you to sit and relax while enjoying pool views.

An Outdoor Shower

An outdoor shower is an important must-have feature for commercial swimming pools and owners. This feature allows swimmers to take an instant shower after coming out of the pool. If your pool is beside a beach, this outdoor shower helps swimmers clear sand from their swimsuits before entering the pool.

Pool Covers

Pool covers are an added feature for any pool which protects the pool from dirt and debris. They prevent pets and kids from entering the pool without guardians. Although pool covers are expensive, they save the maintenance costs.

Wood Decking

A pool deck makes the pool look more interesting. So this is an added for your pool. Pool owners in Canada are looking for quality decking. There is a wide variety of decking materials available, which include wood, stone, etc. Take the help of your pool contractor to decide the best pool deck material.

Pool Fence

Another important feature is homeowners need a pool fence. It safeguards trespassers from accidentally falling into the people. There are different types of pool fences available for different needs. Whatever the pool fence you choose, make sure it delivers greater productivity.

Swim-up Bar

If you are a commercial pool owner, swim-up bars are outstanding pool features that make swimming experiences enjoyable. A Swim-up bar consists of outdoor kitchen and pool islands. Sit, relax and sip a cold lemonade under the summer heat.


At first glance, a laminar may look similar to a deck jet. But take a closer look, and you will see why it represents the deluxe version of the water feature. A laminar provides several benefits the more economical deck jet cannot. A laminar looks like a deck jet, but it represents rich pool water features when you look closer. A laminar provides some advantages like it can stream water to greater heights and thicker two to three times the diameter of a deck jet.


Above are the important pool water features available for your backyard space in Canada. Pool maintenance is also an important element for pools of different sizes. We at Canada Salt Group Ltd supply pool salt in bulk quantities all over Canada and the US. Please call (866) 321- (7258) or contact us for a FREE Quote or RFQ.

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