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Treated Salt vs Untreated Salt


Treated Salt Vs Untreated Salt

Salt is a naturally occurring mineral and is generally referred to as unrefined salt. There are many types of salts available, and each salt has its uses. Unrefined salt is not altered in mining, and it contains many impurities and a mixture of minerals. All the minerals available in untreated salt are useful in daily life. On the other hand, refined salt contains only sodium and chloride.

What Is Untreated Salt?

Untreated salt is a combination of various elements like sulfur, magnesium, calcium, silicon, carbon, aluminum, potassium, and traces of other elements. Celtic Sea Salt (Light Grey) contains 50.9% chloride, 33% sodium, 14.3 % moisture, 1.8% minerals, and other trace elements. Untreated salt is not exposed to harsh chemicals or machines for refining and has all minerals associated with its origin.

What Is Treated Salt?

Treated salt is rock salt with all the impurities and minerals removed by the refining process. The treated salt is coated with calcium-enhancing liquid, which helps improve the performance of the salt as a deicing agent.

Why Is Salt Refined?

Salt is refined for many reasons.

1. Refined salt is referred to as a lifeless product and can be stored in grocery for a long time.

2. Refined salt looks cleaner and pure and attracts consumers

3. All the toxins from the impure salt are removed in refined salt

Advantages Of Treated Salt

  • Treated Salt has additives that increase the performance as deicer even in Sunlight.
  • Does not require application equipment for applying on roads
  • Helps in Reducing Labor Cost
  • Less corrosive and so protects the equipment and vehicles.
  • Colored treated salt acts as an indication of application.

Treated Salt Vs Untreated Salt

  • Untreated Salt contains many healthy minerals needed in daily life, on the other hand, refined salt has only sodium, chloride, and toxic additives.
  • Refined salt lacks all the minerals resulting in mineral deficiency for many people. Untreated salt has all the minerals that help in clearing the mineral deficiency.
  • Refined salts lower the pH of our body, thereby giving a risk of facing diseases. Untreated salt helps in promoting the pH of your body.


There is a huge difference between treated and untreated salt. Treated salt has many additives that help in melting snow and ice on the roads this winter. Canada Salt products are environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Canada Salt Group Ltd is a supplier of treated salt used as a deicer in this winter season. Contact us for more details.

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