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Water Softener Salt vs. Road Salt

Every winter in Canada raises lots of questions about removing snow and ice from the pathways and roads. The snow and ice removal would become problematic when the supplies of salt get down or running down. There are different types of salt available in the market, and one should know which salt to be used for ice removal. The question that arises in people’s minds is whether water softener salt can be used for ice removal and it is effective than road salt? Read on to know the differences between Water softener salt vs. road salt.

Water Softener Salt

Water softener salt is the purest form of salt and is generally referred to as solar salt. The salt is specially prepared for water softening equipment, and the purity of salt prevents the dirt or debris from contaminating the brine solution. However, water softener salt is available in large crystals, and the refining process makes it more expensive.

Road Salt

Salt used outdoors is called Rock salt and is also referred to as sidewalk salt. Road salt is the raw form of sodium chloride and is mostly unprocessed. Road salt contains about 5% of impurities that include clay or other minerals. The purified form of road salt is used for cooking purposes.

Differences Between Water Softener Salt vs.Road Salt

1. Chemical Composition

One of the main differences between water softener salt vs. road salt is the chemical composition. Both Softener salt and road salt are made of sodium and chloride. On average, water softener salt is 99% pure, and on the other hand, road salt is 95% pure. This is because softener salt does not have any impurities, but road salt has 5% of impurities that include minerals and clay.

2. Usage of Salt

Softener salt is specially made for water softening equipment used in swimming pools, while road salt is used for ice and snow removal.

3. Using For Snow Removal

Softener salt is made of large crystals, and so the salt does not dissolve quickly. It is not recommended to use softener salt for ice or snow removal because the insoluble minerals could quickly clog up and create more problems. Road salt is available in small crystals, so it dissolves quickly, and the brine helps decrease the freezing temperature of ice and thus helps in ice and snow removal.

4. Cost Of Salt

The refining process of softener salt makes it expensive, and on the other hand, road salt is less expensive than other salts.


Both Water softener salt and road salt can be used for snow and ice removal. At the same time, road salt should not be used as an alternative for softener salt as there would be more problems with the softener equipment. It is essential to use the perfect salt for specific works only. Canada Salt is the supplier of pure form of salt for ice removal and water softening. Contact us for more details.

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