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What Can You Do With Your Leftover Road Salt?

After the winter season, You have done your best to use the salt in keeping the roads safe for vehicles and pedestrians. After the season is completed, you have leftover salt and wondering what to do with the salt that is not used in ice removal. Then leftover salt can be stored to be used for the next winter season. Road salt has the property of hardening, and while storing, care should be taken so that it can be used effectively for the next year. Read the article to know what you can do with the leftover salt and store it for reuse.

What Is Road Salt?

Road salt, also called rock salt, contains sodium and chloride elements and many other minerals. After removing the impurities and minerals, road salt is called table salt and is used in food materials. Salt has the property of clumping, so to avoid hardening, iodine is added.

Does Salt have Expiry?

Unlike other minerals, salt does not have an expiry date. Salt has been used for preserving food items for many years from now. Storing the salt in proper conditions is necessary to keep it safe and useable for the next winter season.

How To Avoid Hardening Of Salt

The winter season’s climatic conditions can harden the salt to be used for snow and ice removal. Once the bagged salt’s seal is opened, consider storing the salt in a cool place or store it in a sealable tight container. Placing charcoal in the middle of your salt helps in removing the extra moisture present in the salt.

How To Store Salt Until Next Season?

Storing of salt should always be done in a dry and cool place. Changing climatic conditions may cause the salt to clump, so store the salt in air-containers. When storing the leftover salt, the place should be out of reach to the children, as it can be harmful to your pets also.

Sweep Of Your Salt

Salt prices are unpredictable, and you need to store the leftover salt. Sweep off the leftover salt and store it to be used for the next winter season. Excess salt can be frequently found in corners of driveways or walkways. The leftover salt washes in the rain and adds to the ground level, and can negatively impact plants and your property.

Handling And Disposing of Salt

Salt has the unique property of not getting expired and can be used for the next season. Extra salt that is not used can be donated to the needy and for removing ice and snow in their place.

What Not To Do With Rock Salt

  • Rock or road salt should not be used as a weed-killer. Salt creates a toxic environment for the plants and sometimes kills the plants also.
  • Never use Road Salt or ice removing salt as Water-softener. Minerals present in rock salt can clog the pipes of your house, resulting in more repairs.

Save Your Salt For Next Year

After completing snow and ice removal, the leftover road salt can be stored for using it again the next season. Canada Salt Group Ltd has a road salt storage facility that contractors can use to store the excess salt and be used in an emergency. Contact us for more details.

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