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What Is Pool Salt Made Of?

In recent times, saltwater pools are gaining popularity as they are easy to maintain with less time and money. Saltwater pools add beauty and value to your house. Even though saltwater pools are special for your house, care should be taken on using suitable salt. Read on to know about pool salt that can be used for your pools.

What Is Pool Salt Exactly?

Pool salt has special elements that make it perfect for pools. Pool salts can be used directly or work well with chlorine generators. Pool salts are special for these three reasons.

  • Always pure.
  • Not too coarse and dissolves quickly in water
  • Available in bulk and there is no scarcity

What Is Pool Salt Made Of?

Most of the disinfectants have chlorine as a significant component as the chemical helps keep the pool free from bacteria and algae. Pool salts are naturally available and comprise sodium and chlorine. When salt is added to water, it breaks down into sodium and chlorine ions. Water reacts with chlorine and forms Hypochlorous acid, which helps in keeping water free from bacteria. Another critical component of pool salts is cyanuric acid which prevents degradation—the main thing to note that it must be added manually.

Table Salts vs. Pool Salts

The main difference between Table salts and Pool Salts is purity and iodization. Table salt is iodized to prevent iodine deficiency in people. Pool salts cannot be iodized and should also not contain ant anti-clumping agents.

Why Is Pool Salt Important?

There are several reasons to say that pool salts are essential for maintaining your saltwater pools.

  • Increases the efficiency of chlorine generator
  • The right amount of chlorine in Poolsalt helps in keeping your pool clean
  • It helps in killing bacteria
  • The growth of algae in the pool is prevented

What To Look For While Buying Pool Salts?

Here are some crucial points to look for before buying pool salts for your pools

  • Pool salts should always be pure.
  • Salt should be even granulation and coloring
  • Should not contain any additives

Where To Buy Pool Salt?

The purity of pool salts is vital for keeping your pools free from bacteria and algae. The quality of salt also decides the life and work efficiency of the chlorine generator. Canada Salt is the supplier of pure pool salt that can be used for maintaining your backyard pools. Contact us for a free estimate.

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