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What Is Road Salt Brine?

When there is a snowstorm in your area, then the sideways and parking lots are filled with thick ice. If you own a commercial property, then the snow or ice creates more problems for you and your business. Slick surfaces can be slippery and cause traffic accidents. To clear the ice and snow problems, road salt brine is the best choice to clear off the ice on pavements or parking lots.

What Is Rock Salt?

Rock salt is just a simple crystal form of sodium chloride chemical, which is not yet refined. Rock salt is also referred to as table salt and is used for lowering the freezing temperature of ice or snow accumulated on the parking lots and roads. About 300 to 800 pounds of rock salt is applied per two-lined mile road, and the amount increases if the temperature further drops.

What Is The Brine Solution?

Brine is a simple mixture of salt and water used to spray on the ice-filled roads. Brine is used on roads before a snowstorm to prevent ice from forming on the roads or pavements, or parking lots.

Why Is Brine Used?

Salt does not act on snow or ice unless the ice melts. When ice melts, salt mixes with the water and lowers the water’s freezing temperature, thus preventing further ice formation. Brine is already in liquid form, so it does not take much time to activate and act on snow or ice. The brine solution is very easy to apply and does not stick to boots.

The main disadvantage of brine is that it gets washed away if there is rain after a snowfall, and there is also a chance that brine freezes if the temperature gets colder. The recommended temperature to apply brine is between 20 and 30 degrees.

Environmental Friendly

Applying salt directly can be corrosive, and brine solution has less salt, so there is less corrosion for both roads and vehicles. Brine sticks itself to the road and does not let the ice stick on the streets, making snow removal easy.

Difference Between Rock Salt and Brine Solution

Rock salt is the simple form of Sodium Chloride chemical and is usually called as table salt. Brine is a water and salt solution used to lower the freezing temperature of ice and reduce the ice adhering to the surfaces of a road or parking lots.


Road salt is an essential chemical used for snow and ice removal in Ontario. The brine solution made from rock salt makes snow and ice removal much easier. Canada Salt Group Ltd is the most reliable and trusted supplier of bulk road salt all over Canada. Contact us for a FREE estimate.

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