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What is Water Softener Salt Made Of?

Before we know what water softener salt is made of, we have to know what is water softener salt. Water softener salt is found in resin beads made of polystyrene wrapped around with divinylbenzene that glues the beads. The beads have sodium (Na) in them, which contains negative ions. Normal tap water contains hard minerals that have positive ions in it. When the water flows over the salt beads bed, the positive ions in the water get captured by the negative ions in the salt beads. After a while, the water becomes soft because of the regeneration process by which the positive ions are captured in the salt beads. Once the sodium-containing negative ions capture the hard minerals containing positive ions, the water becomes soft. It can be termed as softened water which is good for human skin.

What is Water Softener Salt Made Of?

The water softener salt is made of Sodium chloride (NaCl) and potassium chloride (KCl). The difference between normal home salt and sodium chloride is that the sodium chloride water softener salt is processed and is the purest form of salt used to remove dirt and clay from water. Even the softened salt is not good for plants as it can cause degradation and erosion in the soil in the long term. In contrast, people with cardiovascular issues should not consume much salt as it can also increase the risk of stroke. Potassium chloride (KCL) has increased usage since it is more environmentally friendly than Sodium chloride. But also less effective in terms of the water-softening process.

Different Types of Water Softener Salt

There are different types of water softener salts available in the market. Each of them comes with its advantage and disadvantage. Here are some salts that can be used for the water-softening process.

Salt Pellets

Salt pellets are cubical and don’t form debris that can clog the tank. They don’t form a salt bridge in the brine tank, which is the most suitable for preparing a brine solution.

Salt Blocks

Most contemporary water softening devices come with a system integrated within to measure the amount of salt in the brine tank. Salt blocks are huge compared to salt pellets and weigh up to 50 lbs. This makes it harder to dissolve the salt to prepare a brine solution. The salt block may not be as efficient for cleansing and recharging the softening resin as salt pellets. So when a salt block is placed, it shows an error.

Solar Salt Crystals

Solar crystal salt is made when the salty sea water is exposed directly to the sun and wind. These salt crystals may or may not be processed and cleaned of debris. These salt crystals are too small, so they may not be used in water softeners.


Canada Salt Group Ltd, the largest salt supplier in Canada, has a wide range of water-softening salt products. The water-softener salt helps to attract positive ions that are present in hard mineral water. It also cleans and regenerates the water-softener resin. The water softener salt comprises Sodium chloride and potassium chloride, respectively. They come in various forms, like pellets, blocks, and crystals. If you are looking for a bulk water softener supplier to fulfill your residential, commercial and industrial needs, Please call or contact Canada Salt Group Ltd.

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