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What Makes A Good Plow Truck?

Selecting a plow for a snow removal vehicle can be a big decision, especially for small and medium snow removal companies. Snow professionals use a wide range of trucks, and it is impossible to find a perfect plow truck. On the other hand, plow manufacturers to design and offer various plows with unique features. The plow cost depends on the unique features that it possesses. Snow removal trucks need to work in different environments, so it is essential to get a plow that suits all your needs and helps to complete your work in a better way.

A Plow for the Right Work

If you are planning to buy a plow for your truck, you need to decide on what job you are going to use it. If planning to use for personal use, then a light plow made of plastic is enough. If your job is to remove snow for big parking lots or walkways, then you will need a heavy plow or a sander. Light plows are 6 to 7 feet wide, and heavy plows are 10 wide. Further, you need to select the plow based on the truck you are using.

Deciding on the Right Truck

The truck you are going to purchase for your snow removal company should handle the plow that is fitted without an impact on handling the truck. The truck’s engine should be reliable, powerful, and should be a four-wheel-drive only. Do not go for a truck that is less than a ¾-ton class. A right truck should also possess adjustable front suspension so that it is easy to raise the nose when the plow is mounted.

Now the question rises about buying a new one or used truck? If you are opting to purchase used plow trucks, you need to see how the plow was used. Was the plow used gently or beaten like a rented mule for years? Parts of a plow are not cheap to be replaced, so it is better that you do not go for a used plow truck. A new plow will guarantee that all the parts are intact, and you will be the first person to use it.

Types of Plow Trucks

Based on the type of work you are choosing, trucks can be of three types.

1. Light Weight Trucks

Light trucks use light plows and are suitable for the non-commercial snow removal process. The weight of the plow is not more than 300 pounds. Toyota Tacoma or older Chevy S-10 Blazer is suitable as lightweight trucks.

2. Midsize Trucks

Trucks such as Ford F-150 or Ram 1500 weigh up to 1/2 ton and are good for light commercial plowing. Midsize trucks can handle plows weighing 300 to 600 pounds. These trucks are durable and have exceptional suspension.

3. Heavy Duty Trucks

Class 5 trucks with a weight of 3/4 ton and more come under the heavy-duty trucks and handle big plows. Big commercial plows width range from 8 and 10 feet and weigh 600 to 1,000 pounds. Chevy Silverado 2500, Ford F-350, Silverado 4500, or Ram 5500 are heavy-duty trucks that can handle big plows.

Guide to Getting Right Plow for Your Truck

1. Weight of the Plow

Make sure to check the weight of the blade, and also it works well with your vehicle. Most of the plows have a width of 6 feet used for jeeps and 9 to 10 feet for trucks. 6½- and 7½-foot plows are best suited for standard trucks, while the half-ton trucks use 7½-foot plows. Heavy trucks like the one-ton trucks use 8-foot blade plows. One should use the right plow for the vehicle; the weight of blades can cause stress on the front axle suspension of your vehicle.

2. The Material of Plow and Blade

Once you have decided on the vehicle and weight of plow, now it is time to select the material to be used for the plow. Most of the plows are made of steel, but now manufacturers are also using polyethylene material. Steel plows are known for durability, but polyethylene plows have become popular due to the increase in snow removal efficiency. Furthermore, polyethylene blades do not rust or require painting like the steel blades.

3. Types of Plow

There is a wide range of plows with many options, such as different mounts and various mechanisms for plow control. You need to select the best plow available by talking to multiple dealers or manufacturers. Plows are also available with both push and pull mechanisms.

4. Hydraulic Options

Most of the plows have hydraulic systems with pumps under the hood driven by a belt and powered by the vehicle’s engine. The systems are mounted on the vehicle’s engine, which operates the pump. The hydraulic fluid flows through hoses and lines to the lift and angle cylinders.

5. Know about the Dealer

Before buying a plow, know the full details about the dealer who has the plows. Most of the time, you also need the parts of the plow in an event there is a repair. The availability of parts is the major issue for many dealers and make sure that the dealer has full knowledge of the plows that are sold by him.


Not only the right snowplow truck but also de-icing materials like road salt play a crucial role in the snow removal process. If you are an owner of a snow removal company or planning to start a snow removal business, you need to partner with Canada Salt Group Ltd, a reliable bulk road salt supplier in Ontario. Contact us to support you with your business.

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