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What Pool Supplies Do I Need?

It is a generally accepted fact that a swimming pool needs money and time for maintenance purposes. A well-maintained pool decides the health of family members. Unfortunately, some pool owners try to save few dollars by not buying the right pool supplies required. It may be tough to check the equipment performance regularly, but pool owners need to remain vigilant in terms of the overall protection of the swimming pool of your house.

Standard Pool Equipment Needed

  • Pool Heaters: Used to extend the usage time of pool in cooler months
  • Pump: Used for regular circulation of water
  • Alarm: Important for the safety of children and pets. An alarm is activated when the pool is not in use.

What Pool Chemicals Are Needed?

If you are a pool owner, you might wonder what pool supplies are needed to keep a pool clean. There are many pool salts and chemicals available in the market, and the exact chemicals you need depend on the water used for your swimming pool. The most basic pool chemical needed is chlorine, used for sanitizing water. It is crucial to maintain your pool’s chlorine level and reduce bacteria and algae. Chlorine can be used in the form of granules or tablets, or a chlorine generator can be used for converting salt into chlorine.

Pool Accessories Or Supplies Needed For Good Maintenance

Picking up the right tools is vital to accomplish the practice of good pool maintenance. You need to pick up some essentials that help you enjoy the pool to the fullest.

1. Water Test Strips

For any swimming pool, testing the water every once a week is essential for pool maintenance. Regular testing allows you to know the pool chemicals required to prevent bacteria and algae from developing. It is good to keep stock of testing strips to not drive to the local store when you need to test the water. Using these strips is very easy, and you could know the level of chlorine by just dipping the strip in water.

2. Algae Brush

It is crucial to deal with algae that keep developing in the pool. The algae brush has bristles that can easily remove algae from the surfaces and walls of your swimming pool. Always use a stainless brush for concrete or granite pools and use a nylon brush for vinyl liner pools.

3. Water Balancing Chemicals

After testing your pool, it might be time for balancing the pH, Alkalinity, or hardness of pool water. For maintaining the balance, you need to use liquid chemicals, and cyanuric acid can be used to maintain the desired ppm-level. Using Cyanuric acid can cut the cost of chlorine chemical used for the pool.

4. Skimmer Net

A skimmer net is one of the essential pool supplies you need to have in your kit. Net is used to remove unwanted fish or bugs or materials present in water. If there are trees around the pool, then dry leaves can get into the pool resulting in stains. The leaves are to be removed when they are floating.

5. Pool Vaccum

A vacuum can be used to keep the pool’s surroundings clean and dry. The dirt or algae in the pool can also be removed using a vacuum, and it is a good habit to clean once a week.

6. Pool Shock

When the pool is used for many days, the water is filled with human dead cells, oil, and other nasty microbes. Pool chemicals are used to regenerate water, but pool shock is the best alternative for maintaining a water balance. The smell coming from the pool means that the sanitizers are not working well, and giving your pool a shock will help bring the sanitizer’s levels up and kills bacteria. Generally, calcium hypochlorite is used as pool shock.

7. Life-Saving Rings

Having a life-saving ring is important to be used in an emergency. A life-saving ring can be a booster for swimmers’ safety and children playing near swimming pools. Remember always that adults must accompany children during swimming.

8. Filter Cleaning Tools

Dirt continuously accumulated on the filters used for your swimming pool. Using filter cleaning tools can ensure that the filter is clean every time.

Optional Equipment For Pools

Along with the above essential pool supplies, you can have some optional equipment to enhance swimming pools’ beauty and safety.

  • Salt Water generators
  • Garden and pool lightening
  • Automatic pool covers
  • Solar water heaters
  • Additional water features like spa or slides

How To Store Pool Supplies?

Chemicals are used for proper maintenance of the pool. It is very important to properly store these chemicals and ensure that your family and friends are safe from hazardous chemicals. Even though the chemicals are used to free bacteria and contamination from your pool, they can be dangerous if not handled properly. Most of the chemicals lose efficiency when not used in time, and their life can be extended by proper storage.

What Kinds Of Storage Are Best For Chemicals?

Pool chemicals are stored best in the containers they are bought or packed. It is unnecessary to fill these chemicals into other containers as they are designed for safe storage. Transfering some chemicals into other storage devices could be dangerous, and some chemicals might react with the storage containers to form gases or other compounds.

Best Place For Storing Chemicals

Pool chemicals must be stored in a place that is dry and cool. The storage area should also be ventilated, and storing chemicals in closed garages can lead to dangerous fumes. As long the climate is cool, it is best to store chemicals outdoor, but if it is extremely hot, it is suggested to move the chemicals indoors to protect them from direct sunlight.

Use Of Dedicated Measuring Cup

Not only storing but proper usage of chemicals is also important. All chemical containers come with a measuring cup that should be used to use chemicals properly. Use the right amount of chemicals to avoid unexpected reactions.

Where To Buy Pool Supplies?

There are several chemicals and equipment needed to maintain your swimming pool properly. Using the right chemicals can help keep your pool in good condition all the summer along. Are you looking for pool salt for your swimming pool? Canada Salt Group Ltd is the reliable supplier of pool salt in bulk and bagged quantities needed for the perfect maintenance of your pool. Contact us for a free estimate.

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