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When To Add Salt To Pool In Spring?

As the spring season is approaching, the swimming pools in the home should be opening soon. Although the opening of a saltwater pool is similar to a normal pool, some differences are to be noted. Saltwater pools have a unique chemistry and need special equipment for maintenance. For the correct maintenance of saltwater pools picking up the right salt is crucial. If you are a homeowner having a saltwater pool, there are some basic steps to be followed for successfully opening your pool and ready to be used in the summer season. Read on to know the steps to prepare your saltwater pool and when to add salt to the pool in this spring season.

Tips For Successful Opening Of Salt Water Pools

It is a known fact that salt plays an important role in the maintenance of saltwater pools and the process of opening your pools has some specific key steps to be followed.

1. Clear The Cover

As the pool is not used for so many days, debris should have been collected in the pool. Using a leaf net, the debris should be removed, and the water is pumped out before even removing the pool’s cover. Unwanted organic matter and water are removed to avoid future expenses and headaches.

2. Clean The Setup Of Pool

After the water is removed, the pool is cleaned, and the new water level is adjusted to about half the skimmer face. Before switching on, all the equipment should be checked thoroughly and ensure that the filter is not cleaned before closing the pool. The electronic chlorine generator used for saltwater pools should be put back in place if removed and should not be turned on until the salinity level of the pool is checked.

3. Shock The Pool With Chlorine

Shocking the pool with chlorine is a standard process recommended for new saltwater pools. Even though ECG (Electrolytic Chlorine Generator) produces sufficient chlorine for your pool, the chlorine may not be enough for pool maintenance at the initial stage.

4. Adding Salt To Pool

Saltwater pools need a booster dose of salt, especially this spring season. The salt to be added is usually 10%–20% of the entire pool water volume. While adding salt to the pool, make sure you use a brush to disperse the salt and dissolve properly.

5. Turn On The Salt System

After completing all the above steps, your pool is ready to produce its chlorine. Before starting the salt system, the salt cell is cleaned and set the required sanitation mode. For having a perfect pool, it is recommended to test the water to maintain good pH, Alkalinity, and Cyanuric acid levels during this summer season.

Use Of Pure Salt

For your saltwater pool, it is recommended to use high-quality salt with low contaminants. Commodity salts have natural contaminants which can hurt the pool. On the other hand, organic contaminants in salt can make the water cloudy and increase the chlorine demand. When the water is balanced and the salt levels are right, pool owners can run the ECG on its highest level of chlorine output for at least 24 hours to establish a level of free chlorine between 1 ppm and 4 ppm.

When To Add Salt To Pool?

For any saltwater, pool maintenance is crucial, and also adding salt at the right time is also important. For your saltwater pools, chlorine is produced by ECG rather than manual addition. For residential pools, salinity levels, calcium hardness, and alkalinity are tested to know when to add salt to your pool. If any of the above levels are not balanced, recommended salt products are to be added to balance the water levels and also, refer to the ECG manual for further instructions on when to add salt to your pool in this spring season.


After the successful opening of your saltwater pool this spring, you can enjoy the full benefits of the pool. Proper salt for your pool is crucial to make your pool more enjoyable. A regular check of salinity, pH, and alkalinity is needed to maintain the saltwater pool properly. If you are a homeowner looking for pure pool salt for your swimming pool, you need to take the help of a reliable salt supplier. Canada Salt is the supplier of pool salt all over Canada and North America. Contact us for more details.

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