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Where is the Largest Salt Mine in the World?

Goderich Underground Salt Mine in Ontario, Canada

As many people relax on the beach of Lake Huron, there is mining going on the world’s largest salt mine, located 1750 feet below the surface. With an area of 7 sq km under the lake, the mine is roughly the size of the town itself. Goderich mine is the world’s largest mine located 1800 feet below the Lake Huron in Ontario. The depth of mine is equal to that of CN Tower in Toronto. The mine has been operating since 1959 and has till now produced thousands of tons of salt to date. The Goderich is protecting the citizens and keeping them safe while driving or walking through ice or snow.

High-quality products are produced from the mine and supplied to commercial, agricultural, and industrial applications. The plant also produces packaged rock salt that is used as a deicing and water conditioning agent.

Mine Discovered Accidentally

Back in 1866, the mine was discovered by Sam Platt, who was looking for oil reserves on the banks of Lake Huron. Platt was drilling for oil, and after digging 1000 feet, he found an enormous salt present, and he soon realized that this was the first-ever bed discovered in North America. Sam sold his discovery to some of the business persons, interested in mining. Over the years, the mine started to produce more salt than in previous years.

Working in the Salt Mine

Workers in the mine have to travel down to start mining. In the olden days, buses were used to bring workers down to the working shaft, but now the mine is too large for them. Today special vehicles are used for transporting the workers and raw material. It is also challenging to send heavy vehicles and equipment down into the mine, so heavy machinery and vehicles are built. Huge rooms have been carved to use as storage for heavy equipment and vehicles. Rooms are also made for the workers to have lunch and take rest.

Till today the mine was able to extract 150 million tonnes, and there are approximately reserves for the next 120 years. Loose chunks of rocks are broken down by blasting in the mine. The salt mined is again used to prepare more than 1000 other products. The main product made is the road salt, used to make the roads safer in winter.

Bulk Road Salt Supply in Ontario

Not only from Goderich, We at Canada Salt Group Ltd supply high-quality bulk road salt from other major mines in North America. All the materials are delivered at your doorstep. For orders or enquiries, contact us at 866-321-7258. You can also order online. 

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