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Why Do We Use Salt for Snow and Icy Roads in Winter - Canada Salt


Why Do We Use Salt for Snow and Icy Roads in Winter?

Winter temperatures in North America often fall below zero degrees centigrade, and you may notice some large trucks spreading rock salt for snow on the roads. So, why is salt placed on roads?

Road safety is given more priority than anything else, and salting the roads ensures that everyone reaches their destination safely.

At What Temperature Do Roads Freeze?

When the temperatures reach below 0 degrees, then the moisture on the roads begins to freeze. At temperatures below Zero, the molecules of the water begin to organize themselves to form crystal structures in the form of ice.

What is Black Ice?

You might have heard about the term black ice. The term does not indicate that the ice is black. Sometimes when the roads freeze, a thin layer of transparent ice is formed, making ice invisible to drivers and pedestrians. The phenomenon of black ice formation is hazardous and cause of many accidents that happen in winter. The sudden encounter of black ice makes the driver panic and spin out as there is a loss of traction in the car.

If you happen to face black ice on the roads, do not panic, stay calm. Most of the drivers tend to slam the breaks and keep the steering wheel straight and end up in disaster. The excellent solution is to ease off the accelerator, hold the steering wheel as straight as possible, and pump the breaks until you gain traction on the ground.

Why do We Put Salt on Icy Roads?

The biggest reason for applying salt on ice is that salt has the capacity of lowering the freezing temperature of the water. Do you know the fact that rock salt does not melt the ice? Rock salt lowers the freezing temperature of the water, which means the temperature should become colder for the ice formation. There is no difference between the salt in your kitchen and the salt for snow on the roads. The road salt crystals are a bit larger, and the kitchen salt crystals are much finer.


At Canada Salt, all our products are made to be your best defence partner against the forming ice. Our rock salt and other de-icing agents help to control the black ice and make the roads safer during the winter. We deliver bulk salt for snow to anywhere in North America, and also we offer pick-up services in selected cities. Contact or Call us at 866-321-7258 for pre-booking or inquiries.

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