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Why Bulk Salt Storages are Dome-Shaped


Why is Bulk Salt Storage’s Dome-Shaped?

Salt is the most cost-effective deicing material available. Storing, handling, and spreading of salt is very easy. Have you ever wondered why salt storage are dome-shaped? In this article, you get to know the reasons why bulk salt is stored in domes only.

Why Bulk Storage?

Salt never loses the power of melting ice, no matter how old it is or how long it is stored. Each year thousands of tons of salt are stored to be used for the next year. Even stored for many years, salt looks as it is mined freshly. The main advantage of salt is that it does not absorb moisture until the humidity level exceeds 75 percent. Even if the moisture is absorbed, it is evaporated later.

However, salt can be lost to precipitation. Stockpiles of salt, whether large or small, should never be exposed to rain or snow. Storage of salt should be done on pads in a building and covered with materials like tarpaulin, polyethylene, or other safe materials. Proper storage will protect the salt from the detrimental effects of the environment. If by chance salt is stored outside, it should be protected from runoffs.

Why Store Salt Properly?

There are advantages when the salt is stored properly. Proper storage of salt will

  • Prevent the formation of lumps in the salt. Lumpy salt is difficult to handle and spread.
  • Eliminate the possibility of contamination of streams, rivers, and nearby wells.
  • Stop the loss of the salt by runoffs.

Some people add anti-caking agents to prevent the salt from runoffs. Anti-caking agents are costly and also if the salt is not stored correctly, there is a chance that these anti-caking agents might also be washed-off.

Crushers are used to get rid of the lumps in salt. However, when the salt is stored correctly, you will not get lumps and crushers are costly to be used regularly.

Adequate bulk salt storage ensures that there is enough salt to fight storms in winter and avoid the problem of arranging for the last-minute rush for salt supplies. You could save yourself from the emergency shipments during the whole winter season.

Why Salt Storages Dome-Shaped?

There are many reasons for having bulk storage of salt in domes.

  • Scope for storing more salt. A dome with a 150-foot diameter and 12-foot tall concrete wall can be used to store about 19,000 tons of bulk salt.
  • It is easy for the trucks to enter and exit after loading and unloading.
  • The high interior spans allow the free movement of bull-dozers and loading trucks.
  • The wide doors keep the rain out, and the salt is protected.
  • Salt is the most corrosive material, so the material used to construct domes include concrete, wooden beams, and roof shingles.


Estimating salt requirements for the future is tough. Never reduce the winter salt requirement just by hoping that next winter will be milder. Do not overlook the new roads or streets that have come up and keep an eye on the interstate express highways. Canada Salt Group Ltd offers road salt in bulk or bagged materials, and also provides bulk storage facilities for the purchased road salt. Delivery options are also available to your place whenever needed. Talk to an expert at 866-321-7258 or contact us online now.

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