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Do You Shock A Salt Water Pool - Canada Salt Group Ltd


Do You Shock A Salt Water Pool?

Swimming pools add beauty to any house, and proper maintenance is required to enjoy the full benefits of any pool. Certain guidelines must be followed in maintenance, whether salt water or a traditional pool. Cleaning the pool is one of the maintenance routines to be practiced, and for saltwater pools, shocking is one of the […]

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How To Sanitize Swimming Pool - Canada Salt


How To Sanitize Swimming Pool?

The important step in maintaining a swimming pool is properly sanitizing pool water. Sanitizers help kill bacteria and inhibit the growth of harmful viruses and algae that enter the pool water using wind, rain, or dust. One of the most effective sanitizers is chlorine which has been the choice for almost 100 years for pool […]

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Epsom Salt For Plants - Canada Salt Group Ltd


Epsom Salt For Plants

Epsom salt is a healing salt and cure for many things in your garden. The use of Epsom salt is not new and is one of the best-kept secrets for many generations. Epsom salt is now being used frequently in gardens, and there are many ways that usage of this salt can be beneficial for […]

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How Do Deicers Work - Canada Salt


How Do Deicers Work?

When the winter hits, all the pathways, sidewalks, and driveways become dangerously slick, and the situation can get even worse if your ice shovelling is not completed. At this point, deicers come into play and combat the situation. Deicers are chemical substances used to make shovelling ice or snow easier by preventing the bond formation […]

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Pickling Salt vs. Kosher Salt - Canada Salt


Pickling Salt vs. Kosher Salt

Both pickling salt and kosher salt add flavour to your food and are great options for making the food tastier and salty. Even though both salts are food-grade salts used to deliver taste to your food, that does not mean that they can be interchanged, and several aspects need to be considered before thinking that […]

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What Is Pickling Salt - Canada Salt Group Ltd


What Is Pickling Salt?

Although not essential for canning all types of foods, salt is considered one of the key ingredients for making pickles. In the making of pickles, salt provides the characteristic flavour and helps increase desirable bacteria while inhibiting the growth of other bacteria. For pickles, specialized salt is used, and most users doubt substituting this salt […]

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