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Is Epsom Salt Good for Tomato Plants - Canadasalt


Is Epsom Salt Good for Tomato Plants?

For the home gardener, tomatoes are iconic. The plants are lovely, and the tomatoes from the garden are delicious to those from the grocery store. Are you seeking expert information about using Epsom salt on your garden’s tomato plants this year but need clarification on its suitability? This article can clarify whether Epsom salt is […]

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Road salt vs Sand - Canada Salt Group Ltd


Road Salt vs Sand

Most people know that when winter comes, you need to be ready to apply sand or salt to driveways to prevent them from getting iced over and to protect against snow buildup. You should be aware that using sand and salt on the roads according to the situation. Let us find out the main differences […]

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Solar Salt Benefits - Canada Salt Group Ltd


Solar Salt Benefits

Solar salt is popular for its method of preparation and its numerous benefits. It is prepared from a process called solar evaporation. It is obtained from brine or seawater in vast shallow ponds, which use the sun’s heat to crystallize the salt. In this article, we will look into the preparation method of solar salt, […]

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Difference between water softener salt and water conditioner salt-canadasalt


Difference Between Water Softeners and Water Conditioners

Water is an important part of our lives and essential for almost every purpose. Still, in many cases, the water will not be clean and consist of contaminants or high amounts of minerals. Even if your city already treats it and comes to our homes, it will be in a different condition than we like. […]

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What Happens When Water Softener Runs Out Of Salt - canadasalt


What Happens When Water Softener Runs Out Of Salt?

The Most common way of avoiding hardwater is using a water-softening system that uses salt to produce soft water. Due to their efficiency, water-softening systems became popular for residential and commercial needs. If your water softener system runs out of salt, it may cause long-term damage to your fixtures and appliances. In this article, we […]

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What Is Water Hardness - canadasalt


What Is Water Hardness?

The last time you washed your hands, you might have noticed the impact of the hard water. Depending on how hard your water is, you might have noticed a film of residue on your hands after washing them with soap. The easiest method to describe water hardness is the concentration of dissolved calcium and magnesium. […]

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