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How to Avoid Bulk Salt Shortage - Canada Salt


How to Avoid Bulk Salt Shortage?

Living in a cold climate means there will be heavy storms ice and snow, freezing rain, and extreme cold. Winter can cause damage and hardships that can be managed by rock salt. However, it is now predicted that there will be a shortage of salt soon, and snow removal will be difficult. In case of […]

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How To Keep Bulk Salt From Clumping - Canada Salt


How To Keep Bulk Salt From Clumping?

The salt that is spread on roads to melt ice is millions of years old, and salt never loses the ability to melt ice even stored for many years. Store Salt as effective as the recently mined salt. Proper storage is necessary to be able to use road salt from one winter to the next. […]

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How to Maintain a Salt Water Pool - Canada Salt


How to Maintain a Salt Water Pool?

Since 1980, saltwater pools have become popular, and now there are millions of pools used now. A Saltwater pool is not chlorine-free; they create their chlorine by a process called electrolysis. Through electrolysis, Salt and water are converted into Chlorine, Hydrogen, and Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) as the water passes through the energized salt cell. If […]

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Is Salt Water Pool Better than a Chlorine Pool - Canada Salt


Is Salt Water Pool Better than a Chlorine Pool?

Salt Water Pools Technically speaking, the saltwater pool is also chlorine pool and chlorinator is used to convert salt into chlorine. Saltwater pools come with many water quality and maintenance benefits. Saltwater pools have chlorine automatically generated when exposed to an electric charge. This charge separates the salt particle into ready & available Chlorine (Cl). […]

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What is the Difference Between Kosher Salt and Table Salt - Canada Salt


What is the Difference Between Kosher Salt and Table Salt

Salt is one of the essential ingredients of cooking, without which the taste of food would be unappealing. There are a variety of salts to choose from. Salts are divided based on their taste, texture, and sodium mineral content present. Some of the salt types include table salt, Himalayan pink salt, Celtic salt, sea salt, […]

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Salt Water Chlorination - Canada Salt


Salt Water Chlorination

Before Chlorine pools were used, storing chlorine chemicals in the house was necessary to keep the pool safe and clean for everyone to use. Today’s technology advancements allow people to use safe and alternative techniques like Salt Water Chlorination. What is Salt Water Chlorination? Salt Chlorination is the natural sanitization method to treat traditionally harsh […]

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