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Pool Opening Checklist - canada salt group ltd


Pool Opening Checklist

As the spring season is approaching, it is time to reopen the pools, and as an owner, you might be wondering what mystery would be under the pool cover and what extra effort is needed to bring the back pool into action. There might be changes after the pool is closed, and algae have also […]

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How To Clean A Salt Water Pool - Canada Salt


How To Clean A Salt Water Pool?

For any house, a swimming pool is always a fun place for all the family members to hang out in the hot sunny climatic conditions. Apart from traditional pools, saltwater pools are now preferred as they are best for skin and hair and easy to maintain. Saltwater pools have many benefits, which include softer water […]

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What Chemicals Are In Salt Water Pools - Canada Salt


What Chemicals Are In Salt Water Pools?

In recent times, saltwater pools have gained popularity, and most homeowners are showing interest in installing a saltwater pool in their homes. A Saltwater pool is not chlorine-free, but the chlorine is generated in the pool itself by using some special chemicals. The chlorine generated in the pool helps kill bacteria, algae, and other viruses […]

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How To Lower Salt Level In Saltwater Pool - Canada Salt


How To Lower Salt Level In Saltwater Pool?

Saltwater pools are a great way to relax in this hot summer season and the best place for family reunion parties. To operate any saltwater pool, there is a need for sodium and pool salt, but at the same time, excessive salt can lead to corrosion and other side effects. It is not that easy […]

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How To Change Pool To Salt Water - Canada Salt


How To Change Pool To Salt Water?

The shift to saltwater pools has become routine for many houses as owners look for safer, more efficient, and easier maintenance systems. Saltwater pools have more benefits than normal water pools, and also converting normal pools to saltwater pools is a fairly simple process and relatively inexpensive. If you are a homeowner with a traditional […]

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When To Add Salt To Pool In Spring - Canada Salt


When To Add Salt To Pool In Spring?

As the spring season is approaching, the swimming pools in the home should be opening soon. Although the opening of a saltwater pool is similar to a normal pool, some differences are to be noted. Saltwater pools have a unique chemistry and need special equipment for maintenance. For the correct maintenance of saltwater pools picking […]

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