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Different Types of Pool Salt

Once you have decided to have a beautiful pool in your backyard, it is time to know how to maintain it properly. Proper pool maintenance ensures that your pool is free from algae, bacteria and remains clean. It is necessary to add the required amount of chlorine to water or add pool salt to maintain its salinity and pH. You cannot add just salt to pools, even though the salts’ chemical combination is the same. Proper pool salt is required for any pool, and it might be confusing on which type of salt is to be preferred. Read on to know all about pool salt, different pool salt types, and how to choose the best salt to be used.

What Is Pool Salt?

Pool salt is much similar to common table salt with the same chemical combination or NaCl. The main difference is that Pool salt is with large crystals and coarser grind so that this chemical works best with Chlorine and Bromide generators.

As the chemical name suggests, Pool salt is a popular chlorine source and acts as a natural sanitizer. Pure salt without impurities is costly, and there will always be traces of minerals available in standard or pool salt. 99% pure salt is mostly used as pool salt.

Reasons For Using Pool Salt

Pool salt is specially prepared to be used in swimming pools and works well with chlorine generators. Here are three special characters that make pool salt the best used for any swimming pool.

  • The pool salt is very pure and does not allow debris or leaves to stay on the surface of swimming today.
  • The salt is not too coarse, so it dissolves quickly and also works best on different motor generators used for the chlorine generator
  • Salt is available in bulk and can be brought at any time

Different Types Of Pool Salt

Even though natural pool salt can be used for sanitizing pools, different types of pool salts can be used for maintaining the salinity of your pool.

1. Solar Salt

Solar salt gets its name from the natural production method used for producing the salt. The salt is acquired by placing evaporation of seawater naturally in the sun and wind. The water evaporates, leaving behind natural purified crystal salt. The salt harvested in this method is called solar salt, and as the salt is made from natural brine, there are no insoluble impurities present in salt. The salt produced is about 99.5% pure, and this method is expensive than the mining of salt from the ground.

2. Mined Salt

Mined salt contains about 95 to 99 % pure sodium chloride, and as the name suggests, the salt is mined from various parts of the earth. The salt is referred to as rock salt and has no biological contaminations but has some traces of other minerals. Regardless of the mine used for mining, mined salt is considered to be the best salt to be used for daily purposes and also for swimming pools.

3. Mechanically Evaporated Salt

The mechanically evaporated salt is produced by using artificial heat rather than solar heat. The main benefit of this process is that there is an option to adjust the heat for killing bacteria and other contaminations. It is impossible to get pure salt, like Magnesium, copper, nitrates, silicates, and phosphates. Mechanically evaporated salt is better than solar salt, but it is difficult to maintain the pool water’s chemical balance.

What Type Of Pool Salt Should You Use?

There are many pool salts available in the market, and you should be careful while choosing the best one for your pool. Here are some of the points to look at before purchasing pool salt

  • Purity of Salt: The salt should be at least 99% pure as the presence of other minerals can cause stains or scales on your pool.
  • Even Granules and color: Look for pool salt that looks like food-grade salt, i.e., pure white and evenly sized granules. Fine crystals dissolve quickly in water, and irregular shapes indicate that salt is impure
  • Free from Additives: Some companies advertise that their salt has anti-clumping and anti-caking agents. It is best to avoid salt with additives because pure salt works best with any salt chlorine generator.

Where To Buy Pool Salt?

The quality of salt makes a huge difference in the maintenance of any pool, and also, the life of chlorine generators increases by using pure pool salt. Canada Salt Group Ltd is the supplier of pure pool salt to be used for your swimming pool. Contact us for a free estimate.

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