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Do Above Ground Pools Add Value To A Home?

As the weather is getting hotter, most people love to relax in the cool and crisp swimming pool in the backyard. A pool in your house adds beauty to the home and also attracts guests and buyers. One of the main questions that arise in house owner’s minds is that is a swimming pool worth investment in the long run? Read the article to find out the basic items needed for your swimming pool and do above ground pools add value to a home in the future?.

Typical Cost To Set Up Above Ground Pool

As with most common home improvements, the cost to set up a swimming pool depends on various factors like materials used, preparation of yard, enhancements used, and many others.

Here are some of the major factors that influence the cost

1. Material Used

Most of the above-ground pools are made of either steel or resin, or aluminum. Steel and aluminum materials can be rusted due to calcium or salt used for pool water, but resin is rust-proof. Resin is also highly resistant to denting and warping, which makes it more costly. Pools made of resin material pose to have more value than other material-made pools.

2. Pool Maintenance

The usual cost of pool maintenance can be up to $200 each year and depending on the chemicals and equipment you are using for the pool. If you are hiring an expert, the maintenance cost can also go up as the professionals charge per service done to your pool.

3. Landscaping Of Your House

An above-ground pool blends itself in the beautiful landscape of your house. Some general landscape maintenance methods are to be followed, and the cost can easily go up if you are using more installations for your landscape.

4. Electrical Work For Pool

A swimming pool needs to have a chlorine generator that maintains the correct pH value of water. General electrical works are required to install the chlorine generator. If you plan to add lighting or a heater, there would be extra electrical work. You also need to bear the power bill for all the fittings you are using for the pool.

5. Permits and Insurance

Each city has its way of giving permits for residential swimming pools. As a homeowner, you should also pay the insurance premium to help yourself with any unexpected accidents. In some cities or counties, backyard above-ground pools are considered personal property, for which you need to pay for permits and insurance.

How Appraisers Value Above Ground Pool?

Here are some of the essential points that appraisers consider to decide if your above-ground pools add value to your home.

1. Leftover Back Yard Space

Even after installing above ground pool, there is space available in your backyard, and then there is the most chance that your house’s value increases. Most people try to relax in their backyard and also show interest in maintaining landscape structures. Leaving space in your backyard after installing a pool can increase the value of your house.

2. Is The Pool Personal Or Permanent Structure?

Above the ground, pools can be removed easily and are not part of the home. The appraisers would not consider the pool’s value if it can be removed and installed in another area. However, if you have incorporated the swimming pool as a permanent thing in your property, it is included in the appraisal.

3. Location Of Your Home

Above-ground pools have more value if the house is present in an area with warm temperatures all year round. People do not like to spend on the above-ground pool where the pool cannot be used for a few months in a year.

4. Quality Of Pool

The value of your home can increase if the above-ground pool looks stunning and blends itself in the landscape of your backyard. Always keep in mind that pool maintenance plays a vital role in deciding the value of your home. A pool that is well maintained and in perfect condition can boost your property value by 10%.

Tips To Boost The Value Of Above Ground Pool

Here are some tips to boost the value of an above-ground pool in your backyard.

  • Add attractive lighting to your pool.
  • Invest in Landscaping by adding decorative plants, rocks, and other elements.
  • Add a fence for safety.


An above-ground pool that is adequately maintained blends perfectly into your landscape will always add value to your home. You need to use proper pool salt and chemicals to keep the pool’s water free from algae and other bacteria. Canada Salt Group Ltd is the supplier of pure pool salt that can be used for all types of swimming pools. Contact us for a free estimate.

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