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Is Salt Water Pool Better than a Chlorine Pool?

Salt Water Pools

Technically speaking, the saltwater pool is also chlorine pool and chlorinator is used to convert salt into chlorine. Saltwater pools come with many water quality and maintenance benefits. Saltwater pools have chlorine automatically generated when exposed to an electric charge. This charge separates the salt particle into ready & available Chlorine (Cl).

Chlorine Pools

Pools using chlorine tablets or liquid chlorine as the primary source of sanitation are called Chlorine pools. Chlorine pools have been famous for the last 50 years because of the inexpensive chlorine tablets or liquid used for cleaning.

Saltwater Pool vs Chlorine Pool

Both Saltwater and Chlorine pools have their features. It is in your interest to decide which one is best for your house. Here are some of the elements to decide on your pool.

1. Maintenance

Saltwater pools require less maintenance as there are updated systems that can take care of the pool. On the other hand, chlorine pools require weekly maintenance and tablets need to be added regularly. Both the pools require to be checked for chlorine levels, but the difference is that generators control saltwater pools while you should add chlorine manually for traditional pools.

The main difficulty arises with the generators and requires a professional to solve it. On the other hand, homeowners can adjust the chlorine levels by using manual methods.

2. Health Benefits

The lower chlorine concentration of a saltwater pool is gentle on skin and benefits to swimmers with allergies. Swimsuits are also less faded due to the low level of chlorine in the saltwater pool. In Traditional pools, the chlorine percentage is higher and causes itches and burns to your skin. Chlorine also removes moisture of your skin and makes it dry.

The added benefit is that there is no restriction in storing salt, but you need to be careful while storing chlorine. When chlorine is not stored properly, fumes might be released, leading to breathing problems.

3. Cost

The saltwater generator is expensive, which increases the cost of saltwater pools. On the other side, chlorine pools require no generator, and it is very cheap to install a pool in your house. The initial investment for saltwater pools might be higher, but the maintenance is very low. Saltwater pool requires chemicals less than $100 per year, and for chlorine pools, it can cost you up to $ 800 per year.


Concluding, it can be seen that saltwater pools have significant advantages than chlorine pools. Before choosing the right pool for your house, you need to contact your family and professionals for setting up a nice and clean pool for your home. Canada Salt Group Ltd is an international supplier of bagged salt & bulk salt used for saltwater pools. Contact us at 866-321-7258 for more details.

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