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Salt Water Chlorination

Before Chlorine pools were used, storing chlorine chemicals in the house was necessary to keep the pool safe and clean for everyone to use. Today’s technology advancements allow people to use safe and alternative techniques like Salt Water Chlorination.

What is Salt Water Chlorination?

Salt Chlorination is the natural sanitization method to treat traditionally harsh liquid or solid chemical chlorine. In the saltwater pool, a regenerative system produces necessary sanitizers to make the water clean, safe, and algae free. Sanitizer is produced within the water itself and involves no handling, storage, or adding of chemicals to the water. A saltwater sanitizing system (salt chlorine generator) will eliminate the need to purchase sanitizing chemicals.

How does the Salt Chlorine Generator Work?

salt water chlorination process
It is essential to note that salt chlorine generators do not make your pool chlorine-free. Chlorine is generated to clean the water of your pool. The chlorination produces hypochlorous acid by using table salt and electrolysis. The process produces sanitizers that help in removing dirt and bacteria in the pools.

What kind of Salt Does a Chlorine Generator to Use?

For a Chlorine Generator to work perfectly, you need to use specified salts only. These are the salt options available.

  1. Solar Salt with Organic Impurities.
  2. Salt Evaporated Mechanically having mineral impurities
  3. Mined Salt

Always use that is intended for swimming pools only. The salt should be granular and non-iodized. It is recommended to use salt that is 99% pure, the higher the purity, the less trouble you will face during maintenance. Never use salt that does not dissolve well, like the rock salt.

How Much Salt Does Any Pool Require?

Usually, the salt level for any pool should be between 3000 to 4000 ppm. Some chlorine generators have varied ranges. So to maintain this ppm, for every 2000 gallons of water, you need to add 40-50 lb of salt. You also get charts to check the amount of salt required to maintain salinity in your pool.

Advantages of Salt Water pools

Aside from being a natural option, saltwater pools have several advantages. They don’t require you to buy, store, or handle a lot of chemicals. These pools also need less routine maintenance.

Maintaining Salt Chlorinated Pool

You should be regularly checking the pH, and most of the stores conduct this test for free. Depending on the pool’s usage, you need to check the chlorine levels every month or other. Inspect the Salt Cells for calcium build up about every 500 hours of use and cleaned if necessary. The most convenient time to clean your cell is before turning on your salt system at the beginning of the pool season.


With Salt Water Chlorination, you get all the benefits of clean and clear water. Instead of using harsh chemicals to sanitize, you could use salt chlorine generators to sanitize your pools. Canada Salt Group Ltd is the supplier of bulk and bagged pool salt that can be used to clean all bacteria and keep the pool safe. Still, confused about where to buy salt that is perfect for any pool? Contact Canada salt to get the purest salt for your requirement.

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