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Rock Salt Vs Ice Melt

As the winter is approaching, the house owners are preparing themselves with rock salt or ice melt to face the snow and ice that gets accumulated on ways. Deicers helps your family to be safe from the slips or falls. Rock salt or ice melt can be used for ice removal. For residential use, most of the people prefer rock salt. Ice melt can also be used. The main difference between rock salt and ice melt is the chemical composition. Rock salt is a mineral form of sodium chloride, while ice melt is a blend of sodium chloride, magnesium chloride, and calcium pallets.

Rock Salt

Rock salt is the most reliable and oldest used mineral for ice and snow removal. Rock salt is affordable and is found everywhere. In the winter season, rock salt is mostly used for melting ice. The salt melts the existing ice and forms a brine solution, which slips through the ice and breaks the bond between ice and pavement.

When to Use Rock Salt?

Rock salt works well in typical winter conditions when the temperatures are as low as 5°F, so most of the winter, you can use rock salt for ice removal. Rock salt lowers the freezing point so that it can be used as a preventive measure also.

Ice Melt

Ice melt is the combination of sodium chloride, magnesium chloride pellets, and calcium chloride pellets. Due to the mix of chemicals, the ice melting is fast and also lasts longer. The ice not only melts due to the brine solution formed but also by the heat formed by the chemicals. Ice melt can work up to the temperatures of -15°F, making it more useful than rock salt.

When to Use It?

Ice melt is generally used when there is a need to remove the ice very quickly. Business owners looking to remove ice from the premises before opening the store can use ice melt. The ice is removed easily, and the walkway remains ice-free for a longer time. Ice melt comes in various forms.

Which is Better, Rock Salt or Ice Melt?

The salt that you chose for ice removal should protect your family and property against the icy conditions of winter. Rock salt can be used only as a basic requirement. People with special needs can use ice melt. Before deciding on the type of deicing agent that you use, take a look at the climate of your area. The temperature also is the main factor that determines which deicing product should be used for ice and snow removal. Consult the local rock salt distributors or an expert before using the products.

Where to Buy Bulk Rock Salt in Toronto?

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