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6 Forbidden Snow and Ice Removal Myths to Shovel in 2020

Wintertime is meant to seriously talk about snow and ice removal from the pavements, parking areas, and outside your house. Now, most of the companies and commercial businesses are rendering professional snow and ice removal services. There are many misconceptions surrounding snow removal.

Common Snow & Ice Removal Myths.

1. “Shovelling is Not Necessary After Application of De-Icers”

De-icers do not remove the ice from the ground but make the ice-removal easy. Chemicals release the ice from the pavements so that you can remove it with a shovel. De-icers are designed to be helpful in snow removal and do not remove the ice by themselves.

2. “Hot Water is The Best De-Icer”

One of the most common ice removal myths is that hot water is the best de-icer and is best for the environment. The actual truth is that hot water refreezes, and black ice is formed. Black ice is invisible, and people have the risk of slipping and getting hurt badly. If the place is your shop, then your customers can get hurt badly, and there is a chance that you might face a lawsuit.

3. “Using a Lot of Chemical De-icers is a Good Idea”

Even though de-icers make removal of ice easy, using more than the recommended causes slush on the pavement or walkways. Slush forms an icy sidewalk and is more dangerous than ice, as it is slippery for people to walk. It is safe to use de-icer before the formation of ice on the pavement. If, by mistake, more chemicals are used, shovel the slush to clear the sidewalks.

4. “Night is The Best Time for Ice-Removal”

It is conventional thinking that it is easy to remove ice when people are not moving. But it’s better to remove snow as it’s falling rather than waiting until later. If you are waiting for the parking lot to be empty before shovelling, then there would be more snow and ice piled up. So you should apply the de-icers even before the snow, and ice gets accumulate.

5. “Weather Warnings are Not Important”

You cannot alter what is going to happen, but you can take precautions when warned. Local and national weather service advisors issue warnings when there is heavy snowfall. Most people ignore these warnings seriously and do not take precautions. When you are driving in heavy snow, then slow down and proceed with caution according to the guidance issued by the National Current Weather centre of Canada. Always keep an emergency winter kit ready in your car.

6. “It is Ok to Eat Snow and Ice Pellets”

Even the snow and ice falling pellets are crystal clear; there are many pollutants. As the snow falls, many toxic compounds from car exhaust get collected in the snow. So, according to a study, eating ice or snow collected can cause serious health problems.

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