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Why Does Salt Clump?

In this winter season, rock salt acts as the principal deicer and is readily available cheaply. Most contractors choose salt because it is very coarse and can be easily spread on the roads and other surfaces.

How Does Road Salt Work?

When road salt is applied to ice or snow on the road, a brine solution is created, lowering the surrounding ice and snow’s freezing temperature. On coming in contact with salt, ice begins to melt and forms water, which dissolves more salt and encourages more ice to melt. The rate of melting ice depends on the amount of salt used for melting ice.

Why Does Road Salt Clump?

After some time, the salt which is applied on the road gets lumps in it. Salt is hygroscopic in nature and tends to absorb water quickly. When salt is left in an open place, it attracts the moisture present in the environment and partially dissolves and forms clumps.

How To Reduce Clumping?

To combat the salt tends to absorb moisture from the environment, caking agents or additives are added. Manufacturers add calcium carbonate to salt to avoid salt to become liquid. Another common additive added to salt is potassium iodide. The additives do not affect the properties of salt but only prevent the clumping of salt.


Salt is the major deicer used for ice and snow removal by most of the contractors. Salt is to be stored in a proper place to avoid clumping and wastage. Canada Salt Group Ltd provides the best storage for salt and also provides a transportation facility. Contact us for a free quote.

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