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Alkalinity vs. pH In Swimming Pool - Canada Salt Group Ltd


Alkalinity vs. pH In Swimming Pool

Balancing the water of your swimming pool is one of the major maintenance tasks, and it means maintaining chlorine, pH, and alkalinity levels. Most pool owners often get confused between pH and alkalinity levels. The reason is that pH and alkalinity are closely related and often affect each other. Another point of confusion is the […]

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What Is Swimming Pool Alkalinity - Canada Salt


What Is Swimming Pool Alkalinity?

If your saltwater pool is showing signs of calcium deposits, then you need to understand that the alkalinity levels are high in the pool. For any pool, alkalinity levels are to be maintained as it prevents sudden changes in pH levels of water. As a pool owner, you might be jealous looking at eye-catching, radiant, […]

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Is There Chlorine In Salt Water Pools - Canada Salt


Is There Chlorine In Salt Water Pools?

Every homeowner dreams of having a beautiful pool in the backyard. Fortunately, several pool options are available for houses based on the tastes and preferences of house owners. Saltwater pools are now becoming an alternative to traditional chlorine pools. Although it is not your duty to add chlorine to the pool, the work is done […]

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Kosher Salt vs Sea Salt - Canada Salt Group Ltd


Kosher Salt vs Sea Salt

Salt is one of the important minerals found on earth and plays a key role in human life. Salt is also one of the main spices used in food, and your food is not completed without salt. Although various salt forms are available, they all have similar chemical compositions: Sodium Chloride or NaCl. Of all […]

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Getting The Right Pool Salt For Your Chlorine Generator - Canada Salt


Getting The Right Pool Salt For Your Chlorine Generator

If you are the proud owner of a beautiful pool and planning to change the current system, then it is time to install a salt-chlorine generator for your pool. Pools with chlorine generators are safer to handle, and at the same time, salt used for chlorine generators will last longer than chlorine added in its […]

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Basics of Pool Water Saturation Index - Canada Salt


Basics Of Pool Water Saturation Index

Homeowners love to have a saltwater pool to relax in the hot summer climate, but owning and maintaining a pool is not easy. The best pool has perfect water balance and does not damage the pool’s structure. The perfectly balanced water is crystal clear and gives a pleasant swimming experience. The water saturation index must […]

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