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Does Salting Before Snow Help - Canada Salt


Does Salting Before Snow Help?

If you are a resident of colder climatic places in the USA and Canada, then there are chances that you know more about snowfall in the winter season. The first feeling of seeing snow might be exciting, but as time passes, you have to shovel the snow to clear the paths and driveways to make […]

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Does Water Softening Salt Melt Ice - Canada Salt


Does Water Softening Salt Melt Ice?

The Winter season relates to cold temperatures, zero temperatures, snowfall, and ice accumulated on clean roads, driveways, and pathways. Snowfall might be fun, but it creates problems for vehicles and people using pathways in the long run. Even though there are many methods available for ice removal, the cheap and best method is using rock […]

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Salt Spreader And How Does It Work - Canada Salt


Salt Spreader And How Does It Work?

As the winter season is approaching, the roads will be filled with snow and ice, making the movement of vehicles very difficult. At this point, salt spreaders are the powerful tools used for snow or ice removal. Even though these are important tools, they are mostly underrated, overlooked, or misunderstood by people. When these tools […]

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Difference Between Pink Himalayan Salt and Sea Salt - Canada Salt


Difference Between Pink Himalayan Salt And Sea Salt

Salt is one of the important minerals that cannot be ignored while cooking, and salt brings in taste and flavor to your food. There is a wide range of salts available in the market, and not all of them can be used in food. Salts are differentiated based on sodium content, texture, and taste. Read […]

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Faqs on Rock Salt - Canada Salt Group Ltd


FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions On Rock Salt

Salt plays a vital role in human life and is being mined for thousands of years. Salt is also one of the oldest flavorings used in food, and the saltworks in China dates back to 6000 BC. Even though salt is made from seawater, rock salt is mined traditionally. Until relatively recent innovations in canning […]

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Is Salt a Mineral - Canada Salt


Is Salt A Mineral?

Salt, also known as Sodium Chloride, is one of the important minerals in our daily life. Salt contains 39.34% of Sodium and 60.66% of Chloride by weight. Sodium is a volatile metal and reacts violently in the presence of water, and on the other side, Chlorine is dangerous greenish-colored gas. The combination of these two […]

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