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difference between rock salt and ice melt - Canada Salt Group Ltd


Rock Salt Vs Ice Melt

As the winter is approaching, the house owners are preparing themselves with rock salt or ice melt to face the snow and ice that gets accumulated on ways. Deicers helps your family to be safe from the slips or falls. Rock salt or ice melt can be used for ice removal. For residential use, most […]

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When to Salt for Snow - Canada salt


When to Salt for Snow?

People living in colder climates of Canada have the chance to get two feelings when it is about to snow. The first snowfall gives a sense of excitement, but after that, you remember that this snow has to be shovelled to keep you safe from slipping. So Should I Salt Before it Snows? In colder […]

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Can I Use Water Softener Salt in My Pool - Canada Salt


Can I Use Water Softener Salt in My Pool?

There have been a lot of questions regarding the use of Water Softener Salts in swimming pools. Every manufacturer has its own opinion on which salt to be used for pools. The water softener needs a coarser salt to function properly. The pool salt and water softener salt come from the same grade salt, but […]

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Best Water Softener Salt - Canada Salt


Best Water Softener Salt

The water softening process is an ion exchange process where the hardness causing chemicals are converted to sodium ion. So using sodium products increases the sodium concentration. The suggested intake of sodium for an adult is 1000 to 1500 mg per day. There are many brands of water softener salts, but which one is the […]

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How to Add Salt to Pool


How to Add Salt to Your Pool?

When the time has come to add salt to your pool, you need to know how much you should add, and what type should be used? Steps for How to Add Salt to Your Swimming Pool. The general range of a salt chlorinator is between 3000 to 4000 ppm. Suppose, for example, the device operates […]

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5 Simple Road Salt Application Tips to Efficiently Remove Snow - Canada Salt


How to Efficiently Use Road Salt?

In winter, as soon as the night falls, snow starts to frost and makes the roads, drives, and car parks more slippery. You use road salt to remove the ice from the car park area, but do you know the efficient ways of using road salt to make it work effectively? Some Simple Road Salt […]

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