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How Much Salt Do I Need For Pool - canada salt group ltd


How Much Salt Do I Need For Pool?

After preparing a saltwater pool in your house, you need to purchase a chlorine generator to maintain your pool’s correct level. You need to know the correct amount of salt that needs to be added to the generator to get the best results. The safe and targeted level is 3200 to 3400 ppm, and the […]

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How Does Liquid Ice Melt Work


How Does Liquid Ice Melt Work?

It is winter season and time to deal with the icy roadways and snow-filled sidewalks. Most of the contractors use ice-melting compounds to keep the sideways and roads free from snow and ice. Before the storm hits, the contractors should be ready with the ice removal materials. Snow and ice management companies can decrease the […]

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Snow And Ice Control Tips For Ontario - Canada Salt


Snow And Ice Control Tips For Ontario

Winter season in Ontario can be challenging for people and contractors involved in snow and ice removal. Road safety is the Ministry of Transportation’s priority and responsible for snow and ice control on highways. However, weather conditions can be unpredictable, and you should ensure that you are well prepared for winter roads and adjust yourself […]

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Why Does Salt Melt Ice - Canada Salt


Why Does Salt Melt Ice?

If you are a city resident where there is heavy snowfall, you know that salt is used for melting the ice or snow and clear the paths for vehicles and people. Several companies or government organizations fill trucks with salt and spread on the roads, streets, and walkways to melt the ice and clear the […]

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How to remove snow salt from shoes? - Canada Salt


How To Remove Snow Salt From Shoes?

People love to see icy sideways but should be careful while taking a walk on them. Salt is used to remove the snow on the streets to make driving and walking safer for people. Minerals like sodium bicarbonate or magnesium carbonate used for melting the ice can leave stains on your clothes, carpets, and shoes. […]

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What Makes A Good Plow Truck - Canada Salt


What Makes A Good Plow Truck?

Selecting a plow for a snow removal vehicle can be a big decision, especially for small and medium snow removal companies. Snow professionals use a wide range of trucks, and it is impossible to find a perfect plow truck. On the other hand, plow manufacturers to design and offer various plows with unique features. The […]

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