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Liquid Calcium Chloride Uses - Canada Salt Group Ltd


Liquid Calcium Chloride Uses

While the winter season is approaching, get ready to face the heavy snow and ice formation on the roads, pathways, sideways, parking lots, and stairs. The formation of ice on roads can be hazardous for vehicles and pedestrians. In most cases, salt is used for snow and ice removal, but liquid calcium chloride is used […]

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Epsom Salt For Plants - Canada Salt Group Ltd


Epsom Salt For Plants

Epsom salt is a healing salt and cure for many things in your garden. The use of Epsom salt is not new and is one of the best-kept secrets for many generations. Epsom salt is now being used frequently in gardens, and there are many ways that usage of this salt can be beneficial for […]

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How Do Deicers Work - Canada Salt


How Do Deicers Work?

When the winter hits, all the pathways, sidewalks, and driveways become dangerously slick, and the situation can get even worse if your ice shovelling is not completed. At this point, deicers come into play and combat the situation. Deicers are chemical substances used to make shovelling ice or snow easier by preventing the bond formation […]

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Can I Use Pink Himalayan Salt For Brining - Canada Salt


Can I Use Pink Himalayan Salt For Brining?

When you have visited a grocery store to buy a cut of meat, you need to bring the piece fully to enjoy and appreciate the flavor. The basic rule of brining is to add saltwater solution with the salt equalling five to eight percent by weight. The main reason to add brine is to increase […]

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Softener Salt Vs. Sidewalk Salt What is the Difference


Softener Salt Vs. Sidewalk Salt What Is The Difference?

Every winter here in Ontario, there is heavy snowfall, and it is essential to know how to remove the ice and snow that gets accumulated on the sidewalks. Salt is seen as the main source to solve the problems with ice on your sideways. Not all salts can be used for ice and snow removal, […]

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How Long After Adding Salt To Pool Can You Swim - Canada Salt


How Long After Adding Salt To Pool Can You Swim?

Swimming pools are to be maintained regularly, even if the pools are saltwater or chlorinated. The maintenance task for saltwater pools is high when compared to the chlorinated pool. It is recommended to add pure pool salt to pools to remove bacteria or algae present. Pool salt is made of chemicals like chlorine and other […]

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