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how much does water softener reduce hardness - canada salt group ltd


How Much Does A Water Softener Reduce Hardness?

Hardwater contains more minerals than ordinary water, and these minerals are mostly Calcium and magnesium. As the degree of water hardness increases, the amount of minerals dissolved increases. Magnesium and Calcium are positive ions and do not allow other positively charged ions to dissolve in water, so this is the reason for soap not working […]

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what is hard water - Canada salt group ltd


What Is Hardwater?

Water is essential for everyone in daily activities. Although water is crystal clear most of the time, some minerals and chemicals dissolved, determining if it is hard or soft. Read the article to know more about hardwater and how to measure the hardness. What Actually Does Hardwater Mean? Water is described as hard if minerals […]

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Why Is Salt Iodized - Canada Salt Group Ltd


Why Is Salt Iodized?

The normal table salt that is used for household purposes is iodized. Have you ever wondered what iodine is and why it is added to salt? Iodine is a micronutrient that is essential for the healthy life of people. Iodine is a scarce mineral, and so to incorporate it into the daily diet of people, […]

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Treated Salt vs Untreated Salt


Treated Salt Vs Untreated Salt

Salt is a naturally occurring mineral and is generally referred to as unrefined salt. There are many types of salts available, and each salt has its uses. Unrefined salt is not altered in mining, and it contains many impurities and a mixture of minerals. All the minerals available in untreated salt are useful in daily […]

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How to Pre Treat Bulk Salt - Canada Salt


How to Pre Treat Bulk Salt?

In the eve of heavy snowfall, keeping all the roads, pavements, and industrial or commercial facilities available to people is a tough task. While removing ice and snow, some chemicals are added to Salt for pre-treatment, so that the salt can help make the roads and pavements safe for the public while walking or travelling, […]

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What is Treated Salt - Canada Salt Group Ltd


What is Treated Salt?

Treated salt is basic rock salt coated with performance-enhancing liquids like calcium chloride to enhance the performance. The addition of liquids produces a high-performance de-icer that has more advantages than rock salt. Most of the solid de-icers are mixed with liquids to enhance performance. Enhancements for Rock Salt There are several enhancements available for rock […]

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