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Where is the Largest Salt Mine in the World - Canada Salt


Where is the Largest Salt Mine in the World?

Goderich Underground Salt Mine in Ontario, Canada As many people relax on the beach of Lake Huron, there is mining going on the world’s largest salt mine, located 1750 feet below the surface. With an area of 7 sq km under the lake, the mine is roughly the size of the town itself. Goderich mine […]

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Things To Keep In Mind When Buying Rock Salt - Canada Salt


What to Look for in While Buying Rock Salt?

When the wintertime is mild, then many salt suppliers will be left with a surplus of ice-melt in their storage godowns. Ice-melt with proper storage methods can be used for the next coming year. As per many users, Rock salt is the king in ice-melting products. When it comes to buying products like ice-melt, customers […]

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Salt Pellets Vs Salt Crystals - Canada Salt Group Ltd


Salt Pellets Vs Salt Crystals

Minerals like calcium, manganese, and iron change the taste of the water you drink or use. The minerals create plumbing problems by building up the scale and reduce the flow of water in the pipes. Hard water also reduces the effectiveness of soaps and detergents, making it hard to clean utensils and clothes. So you […]

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Snow and Ice Removal Myths - Canada Salt Group Ltd


6 Forbidden Snow and Ice Removal Myths to Shovel in 2020

Wintertime is meant to seriously talk about snow and ice removal from the pavements, parking areas, and outside your house. Now, most of the companies and commercial businesses are rendering professional snow and ice removal services. There are many misconceptions surrounding snow removal. Common Snow & Ice Removal Myths. 1. “Shovelling is Not Necessary After Application […]

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What is Treated Salt - Canada Salt Group Ltd


What is Treated Salt?

Treated salt is basic rock salt coated with performance-enhancing liquids like calcium chloride to enhance the performance. The addition of liquids produces a high-performance de-icer that has more advantages than rock salt. Most of the solid de-icers are mixed with liquids to enhance performance. Enhancements for Rock Salt There are several enhancements available for rock […]

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How To Test Salt Water Pools - Canada Salt Group Ltd


How To Test Salt Water Pools

Swimming pool chlorine generators are used to create chlorine in your swimming pools so that you need not have to add salt manually. The machines automatically control chlorine at the level they are set. As machines test salt water pools, there is no need for you to buy or store chlorine-based chemicals. Most of the […]

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