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Measuring Salt Loads - Tips for Snow Removal Businesses


Measuring Salt Loads – Tips for Snow Removal Businesses

Sodium Chloride, commonly referred to as rock salt, is mined from underground deposits in large chunks. Rock salt has diverse uses in daily life, and the main usage is in snow removal during the winter season. Rock salt differs from the table salt used for cooking purposes, and while using rock salt for specific projects, […]

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Road Salt Best Management Practices - Canada Salt Group Ltd


Road Salt Best Management Practices

Each winter, road salt winds up in storm runoff from rain, snowmelt, and ice, and it is released into local environments by vehicles. Road salt travels into the soil and groundwater, through storm drains, and into the surface waters. Chlorides used in salt can be toxic to aquatic life, including fish, amphibians, other vertebrates living […]

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What Can You Do With Your Leftover Road Salt - Canada Salt


What Can You Do With Your Leftover Road Salt?

After the winter season, You have done your best to use the salt in keeping the roads safe for vehicles and pedestrians. After the season is completed, you have leftover salt and wondering what to do with the salt that is not used in ice removal. Then leftover salt can be stored to be used […]

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How Does Liquid Ice Melt Work


How Does Liquid Ice Melt Work?

It is winter season and time to deal with the icy roadways and snow-filled sidewalks. Most of the contractors use ice-melting compounds to keep the sideways and roads free from snow and ice. Before the storm hits, the contractors should be ready with the ice removal materials. Snow and ice management companies can decrease the […]

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Where Does Road Salt Come From - Canada Salt


Where Does Road Salt Come From?

Salt was first used for snow and ice removal in the year 1938 on an experimental basis. A granular form of Sodium Chloride was used, and by 1941 about 5000 tons of salt were produced to meet the needs of removing ice and snow. Today about 10 to 20 million tons of salt is used […]

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Why Road Salt Is Blue - Canada Salt


Why Road Salt Is Blue?

With the winter season approaching, commercial space owners or normal house owners stock up road salt bags. The road salt is sprinkled on roads or pathways, or sidewalks to melt ice that might get accumulated. What Is Road Salt? Road salt is a naturally mined mineral with the chemical name as Sodium Chloride. Rock or […]

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