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Tips For Buying Deicing Road Salt - Canada Salt


Tips For Buying Deicing Road Salt

Winter is the time to be cautious about the unexpected snowfall. To your bad luck, there might be heavy snowfall at times. So stocking up deicing salt in advance is a wise option for anyone. There is a wide range of deicing products available in the market. The main question arises, which deicing road salt […]

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Deicing Salt - Canada Salt


Deicing Salt

Deicing of roads is generally performed with common salt(NaCl) and often mixed with sand and gravel before applying on the road. Deicing of the roads is done to enhance the road traffic safety. As saltwater freezes at −18°C, it is ineffective for deicing at a temperature below −18°C. What is in Deicing Salt? The general […]

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Bagged vs Bulk Salt - Canada Salt


Bagged vs Bulk Salt

Winter season will be seeing more snow for the first couple of weeks. This means the de-icing and snow removal companies should stock up their salt reserves for the winter. In this article, we outline the basic differences between bagged vs bulk salt. Bagged Salt 1. Custom Needs are Met All the special products are […]

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5 Simple Road Salt Application Tips to Efficiently Remove Snow - Canada Salt


How to Efficiently Use Road Salt?

In winter, as soon as the night falls, snow starts to frost and makes the roads, drives, and car parks more slippery. You use road salt to remove the ice from the car park area, but do you know the efficient ways of using road salt to make it work effectively? Some Simple Road Salt […]

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What is Road Salt - Canada Salt


What is Road Salt?

When the winter season arrives, stores stock up bags of salt, which is sprinkled on the roads and sideways to melt the ice. But what is this rock salt, and why is it used to melt ice on the roads? Road salt is a natural mined mineral form of table salt used in houses. The […]

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Why Do We Use Salt for Snow and Icy Roads in Winter - Canada Salt


Why Do We Use Salt for Snow and Icy Roads in Winter?

Winter temperatures in North America often fall below zero degrees centigrade, and you may notice some large trucks spreading rock salt for snow on the roads. So, why is salt placed on roads? Road safety is given more priority than anything else, and salting the roads ensures that everyone reaches their destination safely. At What […]

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