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Ice Breaking Rock Salt Benefits for this Winter - Canada Salt


Ice Breaking Rock Salt Benefits for this Winter

Winter is practically here, and it is the season to enjoy the twinkle light, cold mornings, snow days, and even colder nights. In winter, the snow and ice keep building upon the roadways, making it difficult for walking. Rock salt is an effective way of clearing the roads, driveways, and lawns of the snow and […]

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Salt Uses - Canada Salt


Salt Uses and Applications in Our Everyday Life

Salt is a crucial chemical for many industries, and about 50% of the manufacturing depends on salt. Other commodities like glass, paper, rubber, and textiles, as well as in water softening systems, use salt for domestic and industrial uses. The most important use is that salt is the best deicing agent and an essential ingredient […]

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difference between rock salt and ice melt - Canada Salt Group Ltd


Rock Salt Vs Ice Melt

As the winter is approaching, the house owners are preparing themselves with rock salt or ice melt to face the snow and ice that gets accumulated on ways. Deicers helps your family to be safe from the slips or falls. Rock salt or ice melt can be used for ice removal. For residential use, most […]

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Tips For Buying Deicing Road Salt - Canada Salt


Tips For Buying Deicing Road Salt

Winter is the time to be cautious about the unexpected snowfall. To your bad luck, there might be heavy snowfall at times. So stocking up deicing salt in advance is a wise option for anyone. There is a wide range of deicing products available in the market. The main question arises, which deicing road salt […]

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Deicing Salt - Canada Salt


Deicing Salt

Deicing of roads is generally performed with common salt(NaCl) and often mixed with sand and gravel before applying on the road. Deicing of the roads is done to enhance the road traffic safety. As saltwater freezes at −18°C, it is ineffective for deicing at a temperature below −18°C. What is in Deicing Salt? The general […]

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Bagged vs Bulk Salt - Canada Salt


Bagged vs Bulk Salt

Winter season will be seeing more snow for the first couple of weeks. This means the de-icing and snow removal companies should stock up their salt reserves for the winter. In this article, we outline the basic differences between bagged vs bulk salt. Bagged Salt 1. Custom Needs are Met All the special products are […]

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