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How to Remove Salt Stains from Car - Canada Salt


How to Remove Salt Stains From Car?

When the winter drags on, the roads are covered with salt to melt snow and ice. Salt is also spread on the streets to keep the pedestrians and drivers from slipping and sliding from the roads. Salt used to melt ice can also cause severe damage to steel, rubber, vinyl, and plastic parts of cars […]

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Why Does Salt Melt Ice - Canada Salt


Why Does Salt Melt Ice?

If you are a city resident where there is heavy snowfall, you know that salt is used for melting the ice or snow and clear the paths for vehicles and people. Several companies or government organizations fill trucks with salt and spread on the roads, streets, and walkways to melt the ice and clear the […]

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Winter 2021 Predictions Canada - Canada Salt


Winter 2021 Predictions Canada

The Canadian Farmers’ Almanac has released their weather predictions for the 2021 winter ahead for Canada. The weather conditions will be a surprise for the Canadians and get pretty brutal in some regions. The predictions reveal that there will be more rain, snow, and temperatures that might get colder than normal. While some provinces can […]

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What Salt To Be Used To Remove Ice Snow - Canada Salt


What Salt To Be Used To Remove Ice Snow?

Spreading salt is the most effective way of melting the snow and ice accumulated on the roadways. Salt has the quality of dissolving quickly in water and breaking down into ions. The ions of salt lower the freezing point of water and thereby reducing the ice formation. Many salts can be used as de-icing agents […]

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How to Pre Treat Bulk Salt - Canada Salt


How to Pre Treat Bulk Salt?

In the eve of heavy snowfall, keeping all the roads, pavements, and industrial or commercial facilities available to people is a tough task. While removing ice and snow, some chemicals are added to Salt for pre-treatment, so that the salt can help make the roads and pavements safe for the public while walking or travelling, […]

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How to Avoid Bulk Salt Shortage - Canada Salt


How to Avoid Bulk Salt Shortage?

Living in a cold climate means there will be heavy storms ice and snow, freezing rain, and extreme cold. Winter can cause damage and hardships that can be managed by rock salt. However, it is now predicted that there will be a shortage of salt soon, and snow removal will be difficult. In case of […]

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